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About | | City-to-City

The more we depend upon networks, the more tightly and dynamically interwoven our destinies become.

– William J. Mitchell



Is a real-time animated mapping with sound of network traffic, from the point of origin in the ZERO1 Garage, San Jose, California to the point of destination, visualizing city stops along the route. It is an installation and not available online (yet!) but is available for future exhibits.


Emerged from a goal of using existing networks to support community building on a global scale. It met the challenge that most of us think more in terms of peer-to-peer, or person-to-person connections, rather then place-to place. Yet the location to location networks are what sustain, support and enable our daily on-line lives, habits and engagements.


Became a way to visualize existing place-to-place connections in order to think more directly about imagining possibilities for building as platforms and public sites of social crowd-sourcing–communities of networked cities, as well as a citizenship, on a global scale.

Perhaps, by knowing more about where we go when we go online, we can imagine what we can collectively become.